Take Control of Your Retail Execution

The Field Agent platform crowdsources the smartphones of shoppers to collect images and information in-store, so you always know what's happening in-store and across the omnichannel landscape.

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Verify product displays and in-store marketing are being properly executed

Gather insights from real shoppers about their in-store experience.

Monitor on-shelf availability of your products and avoid costly out-of-stocks

Safeguard your products against poor and incorrect on-shelf placement
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Ensure your products are correctly priced or monitor competitor pricing

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Avoid Retail Blindspots

Mobile Audits from Field Agent bridge the gap between head office and widely-dispersed retail operations, offering brands and retailers an efficient way to see inside stores. It's "instant on-site visibility," and it's how brands and retailers alike avoid costly blindspots.

After all, you can't fix what you can't see.

Don't lose a single sale to improper retail execution; be where your products are


Inside, outside, and all around, see your stores as they appear on the ground


On-shelf or on-display, ensure your beverages are being merchandised correctly

Build your knowledge of retail conditions and operations, without leaving the office

Verify that customer service KPIs and compliance standards are being met

See exactly what the guest sees and have confidence in the delivery of expectations

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