In-store Display

In-Store Display Audits

From shelf talkers to off-location displays to
endcaps, product displays have real pull in the
world of stores, retail partners, and shoppers.

Display Audits by Field Agent gather photos so
that you can see for yourself what the instore
display looks like. Ensure your time-sensitive
promotional activities are maximised by getting
a speedy across-the-country-snap-shot of how
the promotion has been rolled out. Get the
information in hours – not weeks – so you can
follow up where needed to make it right.

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How Field Agent Works

Field Agent crowdsource the smartphones of
everyday shoppers to equip brands, retailers,
and agencies with fast, affordable photo, video,
pricing and other retail data. And because the
platform incorporates safeguards like
GPS-verification, time-date stamps, and a
rigorous QC process, you know it’s data you can

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