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Retail Solutions for the Mobile Age

Using Field Agent makes it quick and easy to collect photos, videos and information about retail operations, products, competitors, shoppers and consumers. We're talking real efficiency.  


Here's to Your Success

Higher sales for your products or stores. That's what you're all about; that's what we're all about. Field Agent has a proven record of helping businesses like yours succeed.

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One App. Solutions Galore.

The hardworking Field Agent app powers all our solutions.

Anyone aged 18 or over can download the Field Agent app and sign up to be paid for their time and opinion.

We call them "Agents," and we mobilise them through the Field Agent app to discreetly complete retail audits, mystery shops, consumer insights, market research surveys and much more. 

Our 3-Step Process

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Design Project

Businesses work with Field Agent to design a custom project addressing their questions about retail operations, products, and/or shoppers.

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Gather Real-Time Data

Through our mobile app, hard-working Agents reserve and complete projects, collecting photos, video, and/or data from anywhere businesses need it.

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Analyse Results

From a real-time, online dashboard, businesses watch results as they stream in and can take quick action on what they see.
Custom reporting available.

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You Can Have Confidence in The Data

Quality Verified Results

You can count on data accuracy with our quality control measures. With safeguards including GPS verification, time-date stamps, agent history and a rigorous QC process, our solutions aren’t just super fast. They’re super reliable.


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Date/Time Stamped


GPS Verification


Agent History

Quality Control

Quality Control

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Get Results. Take Action.

It's where the action happens. Your dashboard makes it easy to keep up with location-specific photos, videos, and information as they stream in from the field.

Get a big picture view of what's happening, then use filters to drill down to the product or store level. Interactive response maps put you in the driver's seat.



  • Filter by display, answer, location
  • Interactive map of responses
  • Summary and store-level views
  • View agent profile demographics
  • Download and email results
  • Manage photos and video

It’s Easy to Get Started.

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