Man carrying laundry with detergent that he is trying for Field Agent's product research.

Product Research Reimagined

Field Agent enlists real shoppers from your
target market to try your product at home.
Throughout the process, Field Agent gathers
valuable, in-the-moment feedback about
product usage. You can find out what time of
day it’s being used, how easy or difficult the
packaging is to open, what is missing from the
instructions, where the product is being stored
in the home, what other similar products are
stored alongside, or anything else that you really
need to be in someone’s home with them to

IHUT’s by Field Agent give you consumer video,
photos and insights quickly and easily.

It's Easy to Get Started

Launch IHUT today and watch the data unfold tomorrow.

Agent capturing a photo of product on shelf.

How Field Agent Works

Field Agent crowdsource the smartphones of
everyday shoppers to equip brands, retailers,
and agencies with fast, affordable insights,
pricing and other retail data. And because the
platform incorporates safeguards like
GPS-verification, time-date stamps, and a
rigorous QC process, you know it’s data you can

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