Customer in store holding peanut butter.

Optimise Return on Investment

Not sure why sales aren’t hitting targets? Think it’s Out of Stocks costing you lost sales? Use Field Agent to identify out-of-stock and, importantly, have the data coming through fast so that you can take action quickly.

Out-of-Stock Checks by Field Agent identify which stores are out of stock and collect the photographic evidence time, date, location stamped, and available for viewing on an easy-to-use dashboard. Easy to manage. Easy to share.

It's Easy to Get Started

Gather information now and watch the data unfold.

Agent capturing a photo of product on shelf.

How Field Agent Works

Field Agent crowdsource the smartphones of
everyday shoppers to equip brands, retailers,
and agencies with fast, affordable photo, video,
pricing and other retail data. And because the
platform incorporates safeguards like
GPS-verification, time-date stamps, and a
rigorous QC process, you know it’s data you can

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