Another agent conducting a price check audit with her smartphone

Companies Can't Afford the Wrong Price

Your pricing strategy, and intelligence about
your competitors’ pricing can be make-or-break
in some categories. Do spot checks to obtain
prices across various products, competitors and
locations. Or run a program of regular checks so
that you can keep a finger on the pulse and
move quickly if the market changes.

Price Checks by Field Agent can offer a direct
line-of-sight into retail locations everywhere to
report actual prices store by store, shelf by
shelf, so you can make sure the price is always

Launching A Price Check Is Easy

We’re standing by to help you get started. Watch the data unfold real-time.

Agent capturing a photo of product in hand.

How Field Agent Works

Field Agent crowdsource the smartphones
of everyday shoppers to equip brands,
retailers, and agencies with fast, affordable
photo, video, pricing and other retail data.
And because the platform incorporates
safeguards like GPS-verification, time-date
stamps, and a rigorous QC process, you
know it’s data you can trust.

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