One woman examining blush in-store and another applying it at home, showcasing Field Agent's real-time insights on customer behavior in various settings.

What Do Customers Think About Your Product?

When it comes to understanding customers’
attitudes and behaviours toward your
products, Field Agent gives you access to
customers in-store or at-home.

Product Insights by Field Agent capture
in-the-moment insights about product and
category shopping and usage. Ask questions
or gather more in-depth and detailed
information to help you understand their
experience of your product. Whether you
want the main grocery buyer, people with a
specific mobile phone plan, or residents of
Goondiwindi, we can help you access the
people you want to hear from.

It's Easy to Get Started

Gather real shopper feedback now. Watch the data unfold.

Woman photographing a product on a store shelf for concept testing

How Field Agent Works

Field Agent crowdsource the smartphones of
everyday shoppers to equip brands, retailers,
and agencies with truly in-the-moment insights
into shopper behaviour.

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  • App based, Tech-Driven
  • In-the-Moment Perspectives
  • Real Shopper, Real Experiences
  • High Volume Scalability
  • Short Field Times
  • Reliable Data
  • Photos, Videos, and Insights
  • Extensive AUS Coverage
  • Global Presence

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