Woman taking a picture of products displayed on a shelf.

Gather Shelf Intelligence

Understand the retail context of the intended
position of your product, in dozens of
different retailers and locations so that you
can see its shelf-mates and competition, and
make informed marketing decisions.

Shelf Evaluations by Field Agent provide
context-rich data, collecting the data you
need about your brand, product or
competitor. GPS-verification and time-date
stamps give you reliable information.

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Gather Shelf Intelligence now. Watch the data unfold.

Woman photographing a product on a store shelf for concept testing

How Field Agent Works

Field Agent crowdsource the smartphones of
everyday shoppers to equip brands, retailers,
and agencies with truly in-the-moment insights
and retail data. And because the platform
incorporates safeguards like GPS-verification,
time-date stamps, and a rigorous QC process,
you know it’s data you can trust.

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