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    Mother’s Day: Do Mums really like Breakfast in Bed?

    With Mother’s Day coming up, we surveyed 500 Australians to find out what mums really want this year!

    If you’re looking to buy a pampering gift for your mum, you’re on the right track – it’s a top pick for the mothers we surveyed, with experience gifts coming in second. Other popular items that mums say they would like to receive include jewellery, clothing, and perfume. Perhaps surprisingly, alcohol is at the very bottom of the list. The consensus seems to be that mums want relaxation on Mother’s Day, but not so much in the form of chocolate or booze!

    We are also seeing that shoppers continue to place value for money and price considerations as a huge factor when it comes to purchasing gifts; however, they are quick to point out that what’s really important is whether the gift they are giving is something that the recipient will actually like and use… and to find out if mums do like breakfast in bed, you’ll have to download the report to find out!

    We hope you have a mum-believably wonderful Mother’s Day!

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    Want the stats from our Mother’s Day survey? Download the report!




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