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    What are Aussie consumers doing differently this Easter?

    We surveyed 500 Australians to find out their purchasing plans for Easter 2024. 

    For the last four years, Field Agent Australia has surveyed its Field Agents to gain insights into purchasing intent and behaviour related to Easter. This year, 500 Field Agents across Australia completed our survey and we’re delighted to share the results with you!

    Nearly half of the 500 respondents were considering changing their shopping habits this Easter. Of those considering changing their shopping habits, 34% were considering different brands and some were even contemplating travelling further to go to another retailer. The 18 – 20 year old age group were the age group most willing to travel further, and the over 60s the least willing.

    About 1 out of 5 tell us they’re not particularly tied to any chocolate brands, and would switch up the brands they buy depending on price, product availability, and the recipient.

    We then asked everyone – including those who are usually brand loyal – about things that might influence them to change brands. 77% could be swayed by price, 46% feel that a free taste test could be persuasive, 43% find new products tempting, and 38% are occasionally lured by in-store displays. Only 6% are steadfast in being absolutely faithful to their favourite brands.

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    The peak buying period for Easter chocolates is the fortnight before Easter, with more than a quarter starting to make their purchases at that point. Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Big W and Kmart remain the most commonly chosen retailers, and Cadbury the go-to brand, with Lindt coming in second.

    Close to half of our survey respondents expect to spend between $20 to $60 on Easter chocolates overall. Those in the 40s age demographic are more likely to go over the $60 mark – perhaps the stage of life where there are more people to buy for!

    For hot cross buns, again most consumers visit Woolworths, Coles and Aldi. Outside of the major supermarkets, our respondents prefer Baker’s Delight or their local bakery. In terms of flavour, traditional hot cross buns still lead in popularity, with chocolate/choc chip, fruit-free, and apple and cinnamon following.

    Interestingly, half of our respondents would buy hot cross buns as soon as they’re available and 11% say they wish hot cross buns were sold all year round!

    While savoury hot cross buns have been around for a while, most of our respondents have not tried them. However, 46% say they’re open to it – perhaps taste test opportunities could convert some curious consumers?

    Finally, we asked our respondents about which types of Easter items that they would appreciate seeing more of. 21% would like to see more dairy-free foods, 17% are keen on gluten-free options, and 12% expressed interest in vegan offerings. Some are also interested in non-edible products, such as Easter themed decorations, crafts, and costumes. And 18% say they buy Easter treats for their pets – a possible market to tap into!

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