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    Telco Consumer Survey: No Surprises...

    Recently, we surveyed 800 Field Agents and Mystery Shoppers across the country about their mobile and internet plans.

    Not surprisingly, we found that cost, coverage/speed and no lock in contracts are the most important considerations for our consumers when choosing a new mobile or internet provider.

    Telstra was the most commonly used mobile plan provider amongst our respondents with Optus coming in a close second. Vodafone is used by 14% of our respondents, while Aldi, Boost, and Amaysim follow at 6%, 5%, and 4% respectively.

    For internet, Telstra and Optus were again the most common providers at 27% and 17% respectively, followed by Aussie Broadband, TPG, iiNet, and Belong.

    Satisfaction rates were similar for both mobile and internet providers – close to two-thirds of respondents were satisfied, nearly a quarter feel neutral, and about one-eighth were not happy with what they’re receiving.

    “I appreciate the ability to walk into a store and receive assistance from knowledgeable and customer-focused staff”

    - survey respondent

    Having an Australian-based helpdesk is important to consumers and having the ability to talk to a real person is also valued. Common complaints include bad coverage and reception, as well as limited choice of providers in regional areas – which explains why some stick with the same company despite being dissatisfied.

    From the customer’s perspective, not much has changed in the Telco sector.


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