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    Christmas 2022: How We’re Stocking up on Gifts

    December is here again and what are year it has been!

    As the festive season takes over, we recently asked 700 Agents about their Christmas shopping habits. Read on for the findings!

    For Christmas gift purchases, our consumers are ranking Big W, Kmart and Amazon as their top three go-to retailers, with Myer, JB Hi-Fi and Target coming in next in the popularity stakes.

    We also asked our respondents about what they would consider their ONE biggest grievance about shopping in-store around Christmas time, to see if there’s anything retailers can try to improve upon this time of the year. Battling the crowds came out on top as the most frustrating thing to deal with, followed by items being out of stock, and parking difficulties comes in third. The lack of checkout registers and the lack of staff are closely tied at fourth and fifth place.

    The most common Christmas shopping strategies employed include buying presents online as much as possible (29%), buying things throughout the year (24%), and buying in-store before the December rush (19%). However, some are willing to battle the crowds in December (5%) and there are even those who will do a mad last-minute run-around (3%)!

    Despite the popularity of online shopping these days, almost all our respondents will still be visiting at least one bricks and mortar retailer, and about half of them estimated that they’d purchase presents in person from 4 or more stores.

    With the rising cost of living, it’s not surprising that affordability is the top consideration when it comes to holiday gifts, with about three quarters of people pointing to it as particularly important. But low cost is still not the be all and end all – we can also see that product quality and putting thought into giving gifts that will be appreciated remain crucial factors as well for many. Consumers are also checking product reviews to help with making their gift decisions, and likewise they can be swayed if an item is immediately available in-store to inspect and purchase.

    And if you’re wondering how early is too early to put up Christmas decorations in store, we asked what our respondents think about September as a starting point. It’s a divisive topic, with 26% thinking it’s ridiculous to have decorations up in September, and 38% think it’s a bit silly but acceptable, 22% being completely unbothered, 17% loving it, and 8% seeing it as a blatant bid to entice customers to spend more.

    Intrigued? Check out the infographic below for more details!

    And if you're wanting quick, cost-effective consumer insights of your own, contact us here and we'll help you unlock insights for your brand!

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